School Rules 校规

Our expectations for our students:

1. Students are expected to respect general rules governing a working school, i.e. be punctual for lessons, show respect to teachers, make best effort in lessons and complete homework on time to the highest standard.


2. We rent the premise and facilities from Hoe Bridge School, to provide a pleasant learning environment for our students, therefore we must keep the school clean and tidy at all times.

我们租用Hoe Bridge School 的校舍和设备,为我们的学生提供愉悦的学习环境,大家应该时刻保持学校干净整洁。

3. Students should not use or touch computers, projectors or any other objects in the classrooms that belong to Hoe Bridge School, e.g. artwork display, classroom decorations etc. Damages caused by student’s mishandling must be reported to Mandarin school immediately and where appropriate compensated to Hoe Bridge School.

学生不能擅自动用教室内的电脑,投影机或其他任何属于Hoe Bridge School 的物品,比如美术作品,教室装饰等等。损坏学校公物要立即向中文学校汇报,并给予Hoe Bridge School 合适的赔偿。

4. Students are only allowed to remain in a classroom when a teacher or other responsible adult is present.


5. There are other language classes taking place at the same time of Mandarin lessons, we must be considerate to others when walking in or out of the classrooms and when parents/carers dropping off and picking up child(ren). No shouting or loud noises along the corridor or in the playground is allowed.


6. No smoking is allowed inside the school buildings or anywhere in the school grounds. No pets are allowed inside the school or anywhere in the school grounds.  No nuts or chewing gums are allowed in school.


Our expectations for our parents/carers:

1. A close working relationship between school and parents/carers ensures the best outcome of the children’s education and well-being. Mandarin is an academic subject which requires attention and perseverance to learn. Parents/carers are welcome to come forward and help us know better about your child(ren) or to suggest ways that might work better for your child(ren).   If you have any concerns, please feel free to talk to the class teacher or the head of the school.


2. The School’s Public Liability Insurance only covers the registered students. Parents/carers should take responsibility for their own health and safety.


Best wishes for the education and happiness of our students!


May 2019

Horizon Mandarin School

  Updated: 05/2021