Team Members

Ms Jingxi Yang  杨敬熙 (Advisor)

Ms Yang is respectfully known in Woking and Guildford area as Yang Lao Shi (Teacher Yang). Yang Lao Shi graduated from Northeast Teachers’ University in China, and has taught for more than 20 years. Yang Lao Shi has extensive teaching and school management experience. She worked in China as a Senior Mandarin teacher, Head of Curriculum in secondary schools and later on as a trainer for school teachers. Yang Lao Shi started teaching Mandarin in the UK since 2007, and was the deputy head of a Chinese community school. She has also taught calligraphy and paper cutting classes. Yang Lao Shi received ‘Excellent Teacher Award’ from UKAPCE  (UK Association of Promotion of Chinese Education) in 2013. In December 2017, Yang Lao Shi as one of the UK delegates attended the Fourth World Chinese Education Conference in Beijing. Currently Yang Lao Shi is the Assistant to the President of UKAPCE, Mr S. H. Ng MBE.


Ms Yang LU 陆飏 (Co Founder and Head of the School)

Soon after completing the bachelor’s degree in Language and Literature in Nanjing Teachers’ University, China, Yang came to Britain and qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 1998.  Yang’s career as an accountant spanned nearly 20 years in commerce and industry and the insurance sector in the Lloyd’s of London.  Yang started teaching Mandarin in the local community school since the beginning of 2010 and led students to achieve excellent results in GCSE & A level exams as well as won external competitions year after year.  Yang’s students range from the age of 5 to 71. Yang received ‘Excellent Teacher Award’ from UKAPCE in 2011.  Yang completed the course and was awarded the ‘Certificate of Teaching Chinese’ from Goldsmith College, University of London in November 2014.  Yang led a successful project, the collaboration between CAW and Surrey Libraries, to create UK’s very first special collection of Children’s Chinese Library in Woking Library, launched in January 2017. Currently Yang teaches at local independent schools.

南京师范大学本科毕业后不久,来到英国深造,1998年获得注册管理会计证书,在各大公司任会计近二十年。2010年初开始在社区中文学校教授中文,年复一年带领学生冲刺GCSE和A Level考试,取得优异成绩,并且在校外中文比赛多次获奖。学生年龄各异,从五岁到七十一岁都有。2011年,荣获英国中文教育促进会的‘优秀教师’称号。2014年完成学习并获得伦敦大学Goldsmith学院授予的的‘中文教学证书’。 主持与团队一起完成了英国第一个华人社团和政府图书馆合作的项目:儿童中文图书馆, 与2017年初在Woking Library开幕。目前在私立中小学任教.

Dr Joy JI 纪颖 (Co Founder and Deputy Head)

Joy’s working life has always been around teaching students.  Joy was a University lecturer before coming to UK to pursue her PhD degree.  For the last 10 years, Joy has been teaching Mandarin in a community school and gained extensive experience. Joy’s students are aged from 5 years old to adults with different language backgrounds. At present, Joy teaches Mandarin at local state schools and independent schools, as well as giving one to one tuition to help students prepare exams.  All students go on to achieve excellent exam results, but Joy is particularly delighted to see some of them willing to take Mandarin learning further.  Joy is passionate about sharing her love of Chinese language and culture with the great team of Horizon Mandarin School.  Joy received ‘Excellent Teacher’s Award’ from UKAPCE in 2017. Joy was a key member of the team that created UK’s first Children’s Chinese Libraries.

从天津大学毕业后在北京科技大学担任讲师。  1997来到英国深造获得博士学位并一直从事科研工作。在过去的10年里一直在社区中文学校担任GCSE 和A level 班的教学,同时也在不同学校的中文俱乐部和1对1上课。学生年龄从5岁到成人。不仅所有的学生都取得了优秀的考试成绩, 最令人高兴的是一些学生继续学校中文的热情。2017年获得英国教育促进会的优秀教师称号。是英国第一个华人社团和政府图书馆合作的项目:儿童中文图书馆的主要成员。

Ms Jing LIN 林静 (Co Founder and Deputy Head)

Jing gained BA degree from Sichuan University and has worked in trading business in China and UK.  Jing started teaching Mandarin in 2011 and has mainly taught the very young children of non- Mandarin family background, from the age of five, introducing them to the world of Mandarin.  With the focus on the students, engaging them and arousing their curiosity in learning, Jing is a teacher well loved by children and parents. Jing was a key member of the team that created UK’s first Children’s Chinese Libraries.


Ms Ally Rong XU 徐蓉 (Playgroup Teacher)

 Ally graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University and worked for the General Administration of Sport of China. After coming to the UK, Ally started to teach Mandarin to children adopted from China (CACH) and also set up a local Mandarin club. Ally has been teaching Mandarin in a community school for the past 10 years, her students are from 2 years old to adults. Ally’s students all enjoyed the lessons and achieved excellent OCR Asset Language exam result. Ally also teaches at different mandarin clubs and gives 1 to 1 tuition. Ally has extensive teaching experience , specially to very young children. With plenty of hands on activities , games, rhymes, stories in the well planed themed lessons, Ally engages the children and introduces them to the world of Chinese language and culture. 

从北京工商大学本科毕业后,在中国国家体育委员会工作。来英后一直从事华文教育。从事过CACH(父母是英国人,领养的中国小孩群体)启蒙语言教育。创办过非母语背景的中文俱乐部。在过去的10年里,一直在社区中文学校教学。学生从2岁起幼儿班,10岁中等课程班,到成人班,同时在不同中文俱乐部和1对1上课。学生年龄不同,跨度大,但是所有学生都对中文有了浓厚的兴趣。2008年授课班级的学生参加OCR Asset Language exam~mandarin ,全部是A/A*。热爱中文幼儿教学,以寓教于乐的教育模式,每个课程围绕一个主题,进行语言学习,配合主题,制作手工物件,贯穿生动有趣的故事,儿歌与游戏,让孩子在其中收获到快乐,进入中文的语言和文化世界。

        Mr Ge PENG 彭戈 (Adult Class Teacher)

  Ge PENG graduated from University of Kent, majoring in Economics and Finance. He has been working in the Education industry for 9 years. He has 5 years English teaching experience and 7 years experience developing English learning materials. He likes to relate obscure knowledge to the students’ own experiences. This makes it easier for them to comprehend as well as to remember.

彭戈 University of Kent大学经济与金融学研究生。2010年回国从事教育行业至今。拥有5年英语教学经验和7年教育产品开发经验。擅长将晦涩难懂的知识以贴近学生学习,工作经历的方式讲解传授,提升学生理解和记忆的效率。

Ms Eunice Yang 杨红云 (Adult Class Teacher)

Eunice Yang was graduated from Beijing Foreign Study University with a major of teaching English as a foreign language. She has years of experience in language teaching, professional training, and enterprise management. From 2003, Eunice has been working in product certification industry until now after achieving her MBA degree from University of Surrey.