Our Approach

Our classes are taught by trained, experienced and motivated teachers. Sessions are tailored with fun and interactive activities. We focus on all four language skills, with attention to individual needs. Regular cultural sessions are included for hands-on experiences that the children will go on talking about for ever. 

At Horizon Mandarin School, children enjoy learning and willingly come to learn:
√   Music, games, crafty projects and drama linking all learning topics
√   Children’s individual needs and style of learning respected and taken care of
√   Exposure to Chinese history and geography at different levels
√   Mother tongue programe in full immersion with Mandarin as the teaching language
√   Advanced classes’ horizon widened to experience ancient Chinese literature, which is still very much alive today and gives modern Chinese charm and sophistication
√   Students of all ages encouraged to take part in various internal and external Mandarin learning competitions



√   音乐,游戏,手工和戏剧贯穿课程主题
√   孩子的个性需要和学习方式得到尊重和照顾
√   不同年龄段均有中国历史和地理知识的学习内容
√   母语班全部用母语教授课程 √   高级班教学内容包括中国古典文学,在现代中文中,古文仍然鲜活,充满魅力。
√   鼓励学生参加校内和校外的各种中文学习和运用竞赛