工作内容What does the role involve?

Working as a Horizon Mandarin School teacher makes a difference to the life and future of the children and their families. At the same time, it is a hugely
rewarding experience. The role involves:
– 学期内每周六上课,学校在Woking。Delivery of Mandarin lessons for small classes, on term time Saturdays, based in Woking;
– 一周内有效率地备课。Efficient and effective lesson preparations during the week;
– 参加每个学期的团队会议。Attending termly team meetings;
– 帮助筹备中国新年联欢会、学年结束家庭聚会及其他活动。Helping out in Chinese New Year school party and end of year picnic, etc.

我们对您的希望What we are looking for?

We are looking for someone with the following skills, experience and personalities:
– 良好的口头和书面中英文沟通技能。Good verbal and written communication skills (Mandarin & English);
– 高级中文水平。Excellent Mandarin proficiency;
– 熟悉了解英国主流学校孩子的学习方式。Good understanding of how children learn in mainstream schools;
– 有与孩子们一起工作以及关注每一位孩子发展的热情。Enthusiasm to work with children and care about each child’s development;
– 有趣味,愿意学习新知识,不断提高教学技能,追求精益求精。An interesting person, with the willingness to learn new things and refine teaching methods;
– 主动、愿意帮忙、职业性、友好、有电脑技能包括PPT。Self-motivated and proactive; willingness to help out; Professional and friendly; IT literate, including power point.
希望您享受并有教中国语言和文化的热情。有中文教学经验优先考虑。You should enjoy and be passionate about teaching Mandarin language and culture. Mandarin teaching experience will be an advantage.

我们提供什么回报What we offer in return?

– 富有竞争力的报酬。A competitive package;
– 友好的团队支持。A warm and supportive team to work alongside with;
– 富有活力和关爱的社团。A vibrant and friendly community;
– 资深老师提供的起步培训、长期培训,以及校外培训机会。Start up training and ongoing training from senior teachers. Opportunities of external trainings;
– 积累教中文以及与孩子们工作的宝贵经验的机会。The opportunity to gain valuable experience in teaching Mandarin and working with children;
– 给孩子们的未来带来正面、积极的改变,是一种美好的感受。The rewarding sense of having made a positive difference to the children’s future.

工作要求Requirement of the role

– 学期内,每周六上1.5小时或3小时的课。Commitment of 1.5-3 hours teaching time every Saturday, term time;
– 参加每个学期的团队会议。Commitment of termly team meetings;
– 圆满完成天地的培训和试用期。Successful completion of Horizon on the job training and probational period.

Updated 12/07/2022