We welcome students from 2 years old.

One off enrollment fee of £10 is due at the time of application form submitted online or by email to info@horizonmandarinschool.co.uk.

Termly tuition fee of £110 per person is due before the commencement of the term.  Payment for lessons secures the place(s) for your child(ren). Please note the costs for text books and materials are not included in the tuition fee.

Newly enrolled students are entitled to one trial lesson.  If you decide to continue after the trial lesson, payment for the full term (including the trial lesson) is due immediately.  However, we cannot guarantee that places are still available after the trial lesson, if payment is not in place in time. 

All ISL Surrey students receive a 10% discount on the tuition fees. Families with more than one child attending  Horizon Mandarin School at the same time  will receive a 5% fee discount for each sibling. Only one discount is applied to each family.


我们招收4岁以上的学生。在网上提交申请表或填写好的申请表发送到邮箱 info@horizonmandarinschool.co.uk后, 请交付一次性注册费£10 。

每人每学期£110的学费 请在学期开始前交付以确保学生的位子。教材和练习本不包括在学费中。

新生第一节课可以试听。如果您的孩子决定继续在天地中文学校学习, 请付清一个学期的学费 (包括试听课的课时费)。 如果没有及时交付学费, 我们不能确保学生的位子。 所有ISL Surrey的学生可以享有10%的优惠. 如果有兄弟姐妹同时在天地中文学校学习, 从第二个孩子可以享有5%的优惠。 两个优惠只能选用一个。


Payment Methods

              Sort Code: 40-43-04                   Account number:  51861018        Account name: Horizon Mandarin School Limited                                           

              Please make sure to use your child’s name as your payment reference so that we can allocate your payment accordingly.

                     Please make cheques payable to: Horizon Mandarin School Limited; and bring the cheque to school. 

                     Please write your Child’s name on the back for your cheque.



                       Sort Code: 40-43-04                           Account number:  51861018            账户名:Horizon Mandarin School Limited

                      付费时请使用您的孩子的姓名作为参考, 以方便我们核对。

                      支票抬头请写 Horizon Mandarin School Limited,  请在支票背面写上您的孩子的姓名, 然后交到学校。