Summer Immersion Mandarin Camp

 问答 FAQ

 1) 什么孩子适合参加中文营  Who can attend?


Horizon Mandarin Immersion Camp (‘the Camp’) is open to all children currently in Reception to Year 6.  Whether your child is already at Horizon Mandarin School’s Saturday classes or not, all is welcome to join.

 2) 中文营的活动安排  What does the Camp offer?


In the two weeks, we will use Mandarin to explore fun themes, to learn Mandarin through stories, songs, traditional games, art & crafts etc.  There are two sessions in the            morning (1 fun Mandarin lesson & 1 art and craft session), and two sessions in the afternoon (1 Mandarin through Story/Song lesson & 1 team Games session).  We use differentiated teaching methods, to cater for children of different ages and abilities.

 3) 时间和地点 Dates,  hours and the venue

中文营将于7月25日至8月5日展开,从周一到周五的两周。每天的时间段是9:00到15:30(09:00到09:30是报到和自由活动时间),分成四个一小时左右的课时,课时之间有15分钟休息。午饭时间或是在学校大草坪上野餐,或是在室内用餐。我们使用Hoe Bridge School (GU22 8JE) 的教室和设施。

The Camp hours are between 09:00 and 15:30 (09:00-09:30 is drop off and free play period). The day will be organised into a series of sessions of approximately one hour each, with 15 minutes break in between.  Lunch break will be a picnic on the school meadow or indoor.  We use classrooms and other facilities of Hoe Bridge School (GU22 8JE).

 4) 如果我的孩子听不懂中文,能不能参加? If my child does not understand much Mandarin, can he/she join too?


We welcome children of all language backgrounds.  Children who understand Mandarin or some of it will benefit from the Camp most.  However, each Camp Day lasts longer than our usual term time Saturday lessons and teaching assistants will help explain in case the child does not understand what is going on.  We hope every child would benefit from the Camp.

 5) 学校有哪些安全措施?Will my child be in safe hands?

天地中文学校是在英国教育审查机构Ofsted注册的中文学校。老师和助教们富有经验、认真投入,每人都有通过DBS检查的证书。全天有两名经过专业急救培训的教师在中文营。学校为中文营场地做了风险评估,有更新的儿童保护政策。中文营在Woking著名的私立小学Hoe Bridge School,环境优美,设施完备安全,特别适合中文营年龄的孩子们。

Horizon Mandarin School is an Ofsted registered school.  Teachers and their assistants are experienced and dedicated.  All teachers or teaching assistants are DBS checked.  Two members of staff with full First Aid training will be present throughout the days.  Horizon Mandarin School conducts Risk Assessment specifically for the Summer Immersion Camp and has an up to date Child Protection Policy.  The Camp is located at Hoe Bridge School, the outstanding independent prep school in Woking, which boasts beautiful outdoor space, excellent and secure facilities.  It is ideal for the children of the Mandarin Camp.

 6) 如何为孩子报名参加中文营? How do we book?


Please fill in the online form (https://forms.gle/YNwiX3ntGnX6cuMr7)to book the day(s) for your child(ren).  Once you have received our confirmation email, please make payment straight away.  The place is only confirmed when we receive payment.

 7) 付款方式  What are the payment options?

您可以通过银行转帐(account name: Horizon Mandarin School Limited; sort code: 40-43-04; account number: 51861018)或者是用英国政府支持的儿童看护免税券来支付。如果选用免税券支付,会有手续时间,请把付款证明发邮件给我们,以便确保中文营位子。天地中文学校最近开始接受免税券,请大家告诉我们免税券的公司名。如果我们需要与免税券公司开设账号,会有好几天的流程,届时可能需要请家长先转账付款。

You can either pay via bank transfer (account name: Horizon Mandarin School Limited; sort code: 40-43-04; account number: 51861018), childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare.  If you choose to pay via childcare vouchers or tax-free childcare, please email us the proof of payment to secure the places, as it takes time for the funds to come through.  Horizon Mandarin School has recently started accepting this payment option so please let us know the name of the voucher company.  It might be possible that we are yet to set up an account with a new voucher company and this sometimes takes a good few days.  We might need to ask you to pay by bank transfer first.

 8) 可以修改或者取消报名吗?What if I want to make changes to my booking?


Please note bookings cannot be cancelled once paid for and are non-refundable.  However, if there are vacancies on another day, you can change the date of the booking.

 9) 我的孩子应该穿什么,需要带些什么?What should my child wear? And what does he/she need to bring?


Children need to be wearing comfortable clothes and shoes that they can move around in for the activity they are taking part in. Please bring a sun hat and come with sun cream on, especially if your child has sensitive skin to certain creams.  All children must pack a water bottle and a nut free lunch plus morning and afternoon nut free snacks. Please ensure the lunchbox and water bottle are clearly named.

 10) 营期如何联系中文营的老师,中文营的老师会中途联系家长吗?How do we get in contact throughout the day? Will you need to be able to get hold of me through the day?


Please email us at info@horizonmandarinschool.co.uk for inquiries and bookings.  During the Camp, Lu Laoshi (07554070964) and Ji Laoshi (07575745008) will be your points of contact and will be always contactable in case of illnesses or early/late pick up needs.  It is always advisable that we can get in contact with you throughout the day. We never have to ring home often, but just in case your child is ill. We will also ask for additional emergency contact numbers when you make a booking with us.

 11) 我的孩子有过敏症,你们能照顾到吗?My child has allergies, are you able to cater to that?


We have a no nut policy at Horizon Camp. We ask that all children bring a nut free lunch and two nut free snacks each day on camp.  When filling in the registration form for your child, you will be asked questions about dietary/medical needs so please note any allergies and/or medical requirements for your child.

 12) 中文营有折扣吗?Do you have any discount?


We do not have a sibling discount, but we do have an early bird discount of 5% if the place is booked and fully paid by 30th June.  In addition, there is a discount of £10 if a whole week’s camp is booked and paid in advance.

 13) 中文营给孩子们拍照录像用于社交媒体上,会征得家长同意吗?Do we ask for social media and marketing consent?


When filling the booking form, you will be asked to consent to photos/videos. This helps us understand who we can post onto our social medias and who we can’t.

 14) 如果还有其他问题,请发邮件(info@horizonmandarinschool.co.uk)跟我们联系。If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (info@horizonmandarinschool.co.uk).

For Horizon Immersion Mandarin Camp Application Form, please click here